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Dranny's Dream Wellness

Marble Surface

"Dranny" is the influence behind the wellness spa.  Who is Dranny? She is the maternal grandmother of our Founder and CEO.  Dranny's eternal impact as a Nurse Practioner by profession and caretaker by nature  is what drives the wellness spa. 

Marble Surface

We offer a variety  of services to meet the needs of our guests. Whether its Non Invasive Body Contouring, Detox Body Wraps, Yoni Steams, or even a small group gathering, we strive to exceed expectations every time. 

Marble Surface

Our mission is to create a space of peace, escape, and wellness  for each of our guests.  Attention to each detail of every client’s experience is extremely evident and intentional....  

  Dreamy Non-Invasive 

      Body Sculpting 

Our Dreamy Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Services offer a number of non-invasive practices that will concentrate on your area(s) of concern. Each service is not only beneficial to any weight loss regime, they are performed in a relaxing environment.


     Dreamy Yoni Steams

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina. The  environment in which you will reconnect with your body is sublime.

   Dreamy Makeup Chat

This is a one on one chat/tutorial designed with YOU in mind. This can be a virtual or face to face meeting with our CEO who has over 20 years experience in the makeup industry 

Dreamy Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic foot therapy is used to remove toxins from your whole body through your feet. Detoxing the body with a warm foot bath helps release toxins and metals that have built up in the body from foods, drinks, and even the air.

Dreamy Party

Want to bring some friends along to escape? Have a special date or Anniversary coming up? Let us make it special! Contact us to make your day Dreamy!


  Dreamy Consultation 

Not sure what you'd like to try? Need questions answered? Well let's chat. We will call to make sure we get all your questions answered

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